Saturday, April 23, 2011

women can't read maps

i asked Mr. Google : Why women can't read map?? oke fine. not all, but many! including me..duh..sejak bile Zawani pandai baca peta plak kan..but then guys are good with maps..??
yes, actually there's a reason for it!

The brains of man and women functions in markedly different ways. Which means, they really think differently. okey, everyone knows that. even John Grey wrote a book on it. Best seller lagi kan. same as the Allen & Barbara's book. All about the differences between this 2 gender.

okay, back to the topic. why women seems to have problem reading maps? Mr. Google gave me a scientific answer which relates to the white and gray matter(brain tissues). well actually men and women have about the same amount of white and gray matter but somehow man tends to use more gray matter while women use more of the white matter..


Gray is central to processing information and plays a vital role in aiding skills such as mathematics, map-reading and intellectual thought. as  for the white matter, it connects the brain's processing centers. it is central  to emotional thinking, language and multi tasking. so, since women use less gray matter(critical to map reading), women tend to have less skill in reading maps than men. 

Yesterday itself, we(me n nani) wanted to go back to Petaling Jaya from Kajang, after the training and appointments, and we ended up straying to tol Ayer Hitam..what??? Johor kan tu?? *blame the GPS =p* ohoo the road was damn dark okay!! n there was no other car using the road! luckily we didn't take the left turn, if not we might make our way to Johor pulak! adodoi we went straight ahead ,hantam habis, tawakal,and went through about 5 tolls? yeah that much..KL kan..luckily founded the "PUCHONG" sign n manage to arrive back home..FOOH!

N guess what? i dont even remember this map :


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  1. haha nice one dear! :) 1st thing yg kte blaja in geology dlu is- wat peta malaysia yg ubi kayu sgt n letak nama negeri..hehe tgk peta sabah s'wak kepala musang bak kata my lecturer dlu..