Wednesday, February 16, 2011

imperfect me

sorry i am, for the imperfect me is a serious matter.
i might not be a perfect friend, a perfect lover, neither a perfect daughter.

sorry i am for never been perfect,
since the day i was born, mistakes is a must act.

sorry i am for pains i've made all the way,
and asking not to pushed away.

i was the moon and you were the sun,
suffering from every single mistakes i've done.

sorry i am for not making everything right,
if only for you i could be perfect bright.

sorry i am if it seemed like i didn't care,
the truth is only here in my lonely air.

the kitten in me wanting to always say,
plz dont ever leave  me away.

it has always been me with stupidity,
and i really am sorry.

-zawani adnan-