Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flat Shoes versus High Heels

Shoes issue. haih. woman and fashion definitely cannot be separated!!! y? ntah, dah lumrah perempuan ada 9 nafsu 1 akal..right? that's y if they have pimples pon da gelabah satu alam begegar dgr jeritan mereka ini..XD

so gurls, which one do you prefer? fashion over functionality??


 i think most gurls will prefer fashion than comfortability, functionality..kasut  keras,sakit kaki pon je asal cantik.. BEAUTY IS PAIN remember the quote??!!!

With lots and lots of shoe stores opening, it has become a goal for women to secure themselves for atleast la cikai2 pon a pair(which most of the women would need a big shoe rack to put their shoes in) of this fashion accessory. High heels are definitely sexy, and for some its utterly irresistible and therefore its a fashion staple.

tp skrg, flats also becomes a part of a-must-have-shoe, becoming increasingly popular as the designs are getting i would say nicer cuter and hotter, not just a simple flat shoes! so which one would you prefer most?
Well, for me, (im short oke guys) so i would definitely prefer high heels when going out (not to classes, beaches, pasar tani etc. slipar tinggi pakai la.) specifically wedges bcoz its much more stable n mcm cool2 je style ..stilleto nanti jatuh tegolek aku pakai and for me it suits for ladies with a strong attitude, bukan utk lepak2 style..and i wont wear shoes that makes my foot suffer! seriously! i would choose a comfortable wedges that i can wear like for long hours. i cant bare with hard shoes! crazy man! ya, i bought a few times nice shoes but impracticably aches my legs, n guess what? i will never ever wear them again. they will be kept in the shoe boxes for decades! bye2 shoes. im sorry.

for flat shoes, i bought twice(i think) 4 my class shoe but somehow i dont think it suits me(mcm kelakar la rasa..pendek,mcm badut,etc). sekejap je pakai, lepas tu tesadai kat rak kasut. rather wear sandles. =)

Anyhow, the top 5 reasons for women to wear heals (stilettos, kitten heels, court shoes, wedges etc) basically bcoz :

1) damn! it adds height especially for me with 150cm,having a bf of 178cm. so yeah, it helps.
2) it makes the feet looks smaller and in shape
3) definitely making the legs looks longer smaller slander n hotter
4) achieving a nicer body posture (body shape)
5) it adds up confidence

so tell me ladies, which one would you prefer?? =) flat shoes? or high heels?


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