Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eyes and Glasses

Answer these question : Which part of your body that lets you see your love ones? that enable you to read the Herbalife booklet? the sign board to Herbalife office? the nutrition fact at the back of your formula 1 nutritious Herbalife shake? which part will make you pour tears when you're sad? that have muscles that adjust to let you see on things that are close or far away from you? If your answer is your eyes,good. if not,ur stupid. =D jk!

Okay.Eyes work everyday from the moment you wake up from your sleep until you go back to sleep again. Without eyes, you can't see things happening around you. The beautiful creations in the universe by Allah. The rainbows,the hills,birds, oceans etc. So if you have eyes and are not blind = BERSYUKUR okay! lagu Maher Zain pon ada cakap :

                     Look around yourselves, can't you see these wonders,
                     Spreaded in front of you, the skies floating by,
                     The skies clear and blue, Planets in the orbits,
                     The moon and the sun, such perfect harmony....

hehe sempat plak promote. This is one of my fav songs by Maher Zain. =)

Back to the main point. MATA. Nah,here's a simple diagram of our eyes.

Why people wear spectacles? its because your eyesight gets poorer or have problems. tak nampak jelas, or u see things blur, feels hurt when looking at the lights,etc. they wear spectacles for corrective purposes. There's a FEW simple terms that i know and heard b4 like myopia(nearsightedness), hyperopia(farsightedness) and astigmatism. Oke. tu je kot yang aku tau.haha Im a Dietetic student okay. not Optometry. Tapi ngade gatal nak wat entry pasal mata. Oh,another word, nani(bdk optometry) ajar PD which means pupilary distance. hee.

Another reason is for safety purposes especially for those who work in factory to protect their eyes from sawdust, flying wood or metal. Jobs that handling things like welding also have a special glass to provide protection from the welding flash. 

Lagi2? sebab ape? the hot weather! Pakai sunglasses to provide protection against bright visible light and possibly UV light. Sometimes sunglasses are worn just for aesthetic purposes, or simply to hide the eyes. Contohnye orang buta.
oke, org ni panas tau!

The best part is the 3D glasses used in the cinema . Three dimensions illusion can easily be created on the eye by 3D glasses.The classic 3D glasses have one red lens and one blue or cyan lens. Another kind of 3D glasses uses polarized filters. Polarized punye allow for color 3D, the red-blue lenses produce a dull black-and-white picture with red and blue fringes. Both types can be used in 3D movies.

 There's also people using glasses just for the sake of fashion............

Hmm..nape la aku wat entry pasal glasses kan?? hehe The reason is that my eye sight is getting poorer! need to wear glasses dah!1st time wearing glasses.hmm that's why i googled bout glasses, excited pon ada cket, interested to know more bout it and think dat i can share something here. =)  So my reason of wearing glasses is the 1st one. hyperopia & astigmatism. Bought it with my Herbalife money! and Alhamdulillah no need to ask money from parents to do spectacles.

okay.That's all.
tata! =)

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